Mission Statement

At AndrewApproved.com, we are committed to reporting all things AndrewApproved by the great Andrew Joseph. We strive to be your most trusted source in AndrewApprovedness and hope that by sharing all things deemed AndrewApprovedness with you, your life will improve ten-fold! All information on this site has been validated by our most trusted sources and are believed to be 100% factual.*

*This is a huge lie.

We’ve just heard from eye witness accounts that the Texas Tech Red Raiders are AndrewApproved. “Red’s my favorite color,” says Andrew. “That’s why I was going for the Raiders in tonight’s game. They’ve got Texas in their name too, so same difference, right? It’s win-win, so I just pick the color I like the best.”

Our sources then go on to say that if UT’s colors were pink and burnt orange, Andrew very likely would have switched sides. “I don’t really like orange that much but I do love red because it’s the color of love and red roses. I like to skip through fields and pick pretty flowers to smell and roses are some of my bestest favorites. I WUV WUV WUV THEM SO MUCH.” Following that, there are allegedly recordings of Andrew clarifying his statements. “However, one color that definitely beats red in my book is pink because that’s the color of Barbie’s corvette and she’s so sexy, I wish I could be like her.”