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*This is a huge lie.

Today, I bring you a special AndrewApproved.com battle! We’re going to go over the Mini Cooper and the Corvette and see how they compare and which one ends up on the top of the AndrewApproved list. We’ll be going over a few categories used to qualify something as AndrewApproved and discuss which car wins out in each category then award AndrewApproved status to the one which wins the most! Wheeee!

In Pink
We will see how the Cooper and the Corvette compare clad in pink, Andrew’s favorite color.

pink mini cooper

pink corvette

Winner: Mini Cooper – “I love pink in every way possible, especially when Oliver wears it, but I think the Mini Cooper tickles my fancy more in pink because it’s just so cuuuuute!” – Andrew

Andrew loves things that are cute. And whatever car he drives must surge with cuteness. The Mini is small and round-ish, very cute. The corvette is like a razor, sharp and fast looking. Not cute.

Winner: Mini Cooper – “I know the Corvette is fast and all, but who needs speed, when you can be cute!!!” – Andrew

Grace Vote
Andrew highly values the opinions of his good friend, Grace, and she says that everyone would pick a Mini Cooper over a Corvette.

Winner: Mini Cooper – “Even if I were tempted to get a Corvette, I would remember the wise words of Grace and snap myself back into reality, where, obviously, everyone would pick a Cooper over the Corvette. Duh, people. Duh.” – Andrew

In the Movies
“I never remember any movies that feature Corvettes,” tells Andrew. “But I really remember The Italian Job where they did super cool things with their Mini Coopers. I bet if Charlie’s Angels got a hold of a few, they’d be unstoppable. I <3 Drew Barrymore.”

Winner: Mini Cooper

Looks like the Mini Cooper wins with a solid four out of four! “Yay!!! When I get my first paycheck, I’m getting a Mini Cooper!!!!” – Andrew